Ways to Decorate for Halloween on the Cheap

Halloween Decorations on the cheap

Halloween is a time in autumn when a lot of people go pretty crazy with the decorations. After all, Halloween can be a lot of fun if you get in the spirit, and if you’re having friends or family over, you want to do it right. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune on Halloween decorations to have a good time. Use this guide to help you learn … [Read more...]

Enjoy the Fall in St. Louis at These 3 Events

Things to do for Fall in St Louis

There is always something to see and do in St Louis. This is why we have collected what we think are the three best St Louis Fall events. If you love concerts, there are several to choose from. The Missouri History Museum hosts a lawn concert every Tuesday at 6 P.M. Lunch time concerts are scheduled at the Old Post Office Plaza downtown every Tuesday … [Read more...]

Don’t Have Your Own Washer and Dryer? Use These 3 Tips for Living Without a Washer or Dryer

Living without a washer or dryer

Most of us grew up in a house where having a washer and dryer was taken for granted. But now you're on your own and your apartment, while you love it, doesn't have either. These apartment living tips will make not having a washer and dryer so much easier. Decide in advance what day will be laundry day and always try to stick to it. This way you'll … [Read more...]

5 Best Apps for College Students

Best Apps for College Students

The new school year has arrived. That means adjusting to a bustling schedule filled with classes, homework, and social engagements. We know it can be a lot to figure out at first. Here are some great apps for college students to help keep you on track and organized throughout the school year. Take notes, record audio, store photos, and more … [Read more...]

Get Your Laundry Done at Anytime Using Our 24-Hour Laundry Center

24 Hour Laundry Facilities

Imagine not having to take time out of your day to do laundry. If you live at the Villages at General Grant, you may not be able to avoid doing laundry, but you can take advantage of the next best thing: anytime you want to do laundry – whether on a Sunday afternoon or in the middle of the night in the middle of the week – you have your choice of not … [Read more...]